Don’t Fight Losing Battles « Price Tags

Resolutions ‘09: Don’t Fight Losing Battles « Price Tags.

Gordon Price puts the possibility of putting a rapid transit line out to UBC in perspective.  I’m sure he speaks from experience here.

However, it’s sad to see that projects can be bullied through in one section of town and not in others.  It seems that a change in neighbourhoods is not acceptable, even if a gigantic campus of about 30,000 + people sits in your neighbourhood.

Light rail may be the answer, though.  It doesn’t require the huge investment in land and space to support as a SkyTrain type system would.  Light rail was the original plan down Broadway and it could still work.  Just need to convince businesses that light rail will not kill business.  It would certainly change the “roadscape” in terms of turning restrictions, crossing restrictions, and lane reallocation.  That might not be a bad thing, though.

I would think West Side residents would be more welcoming of light rail, but if they think it’s still a bad thing for their neighbourhood and property values, they’ll still fight tooth and nail to block it.  Here’s to hoping for decent mass transit for the West Side.


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