Port Mann Twinning delayed, could be election issue

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It looks like financing may be on the tight side for the Port Mann Twinning.  The South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) seems like it will be going ahead for sure much to the despair of residents affected directly by the new widened highway.  However, the Port Mann twinning’s financing looks to be less stable at this moment.

That shaky financing would likely delay the project and make the twinning a potential election issue.  However, don’t expect the NDP to be big opponents of this project.  Many NDP MLAs are on record for supporting this project.

Releasing the bottleneck of the Port Mann will simply move the traffic jam further down the line to somewhere else.  Maybe all the exits in Burnaby and Vancouver will have longer line ups once the Port Mann is cleared.  Or everyone will be lining up along the Mary Hill Bypass and Lougheed Highway to get into the Tri-Cities.

With the completion of the Golden Ears Bridge, how much of the current traffic will move over there and relieve the current Port Mann traffic?  There are definitely issues of whether the twinning is necessary.

If the project is not initiated before the election in May 2009, then we could possibly get a better discussion of all the issues. Although, opinions are very polarized on this issue in the past.  South of the Fraser residents are largely in support of the project; whereas, North of the Fraser residents are against the project.

More efficient use of current resources sounds like a better solution.  That involves building less costly bus queue jumper lanes to get transit back onto the Port Mann Bridge among other options.

I hope the project really does get delayed, then we can have the appropriate public discussion about the merits and pitfalls of the Port Mann Twinning.


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