New SkyTrains, New Colours

New SkyTrain cars (from Paul Hillsdon's flickr photostream)
New SkyTrain cars (from Paul Hillsdon's flickr photostream and the Buzzer blog)

It looks like the new trains are about ready to hit the tracks.  After the winter we had and the five trains that passed before I could even start my commute, I say hallelujah!

The numbers are now into the 300s.  The one pictured above is car #306 and we have the new livery/colour scheme.  It looks to be the exact same scheme as the new trolley buses.  There’s the dark gun metal gray on top and the dark blue on the bottom.  A trim of yellow/gold separates the two tones.  It seems to be the new standard for TransLink vehicles.

I personally like the new colour scheme.  I know Stephen Rees has already said that the scheme is akin to Darth Vader.  I like the gun metal gray in particular.  But that’s a personal preference.  It will probably look less dirty than the white livery.  White just has a tendency to get grey and yellow in the rain and dirt splattered all over the place.  However, given our grey weather, the bus may blend into the environment too well.  That’s why police cars are mostly white.  White is bright and highly visible even in the dark.  In any case, I’ll give my thumbs-up to the new colours.

Apart from the colour, the more important thing is that there are more of these cars.  The Expo Line is really overcrowded during the morning commute.  But once the 4-car Mark II trains come along, it can clear the backlog and you even have a hope of finding a seat!  Too bad the Canada Line station platforms are too short to ever accommodate a train as long as 4 Mark II SkyTrain cars.  Let’s hope the wider width of the Canada Line trains will help.  We’ll have to see if it makes a difference or not.

For a closer look, here’s a YouTube video posted by The Buzzer blog.

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