Illuminate Yaletown

Illuminate Yaletown – Feb 21, 2009 – starting 5:29pm

This event looks like an exciting new annual get-together with a lot of potential.  I think these kind of free public events are great.  This would be similar to the Nocturne event that I attended in Halifax where you wander and find different art installations.  I think these kind of events are great for the community and gets strangers mingling with each other as they interact with the displays.  Not sure how interactive things will be, but it should still be fun.

For all you shutterbugs, they have created a Flickr photo pool to which you can upload your photos from the evening.  Don’t forget to ziploc your camera before leaving the house so that the electronics don’t experience temperature shock and condensation.

Dress warmly as it is technically winter.  Although, you might not believe that since the weather has been so nice lately.

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