More funding for Transit than Roads in Oregon

Mass transit may get better ride than local roads in stimulus bill >>

I know drivers may not like this idea, but shouldn’t transit get more funding than roads.  Although, mind you, roads are necessary for most forms of transit to function.  However, to accelerate a more sustainable transportation future, public transit should be the priority until development becomes more transit-oriented.  Then roads can have more funding. 

Critics say that resulted in a bias for road spending in rural areas, leaving urban population centers shortchanged on road and bridge repairs. The mass transit spending also comes as a surprise, by contrast, given that the bill signed by the president calls for national spending of about $3 on roads for every $1 on mass transit.

I would like to see the exact reverse where there is $3 on transit for every $1 on roads.  Of course, we should take into account how bad the condition of existing roads are as well.  Transit won’t function well if roads are crumbling left, right and centre.

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