Design the Next Vancouver :: News ::

Design the Next Vancouver :: News ::

The Tyee with FormShift Vancouver have put together the first public architectural contest since neo-Roman colosseum Library Square was selected over 15 years ago (Has it been that long??)

They are looking at 3 different scenarios.

1. A mixed-use site along a major Vancouver street that includes a rapid transit station. ($6,000 to the winner.)

2. A small residential site in an established Vancouver neighbourhood near public transit. ($4,000 prize.)

3. A ‘wild card’ design that pushes the envelope of sustainable design and community building for Vancouver. “This may be an aggressively imaginative, speculative and/or futuristic concept that suggests a radically new model of sustainable design for Vancouver, even not currently viable. Solutions that are adaptable to other sites are strongly encouraged,” says the FormShift website. ($2,000 to the winner.)

The contest closes April 3, 2009 and winners will be announced April 15, 2009.  I hope to hear more about when the entries come out so we can see what interesting things are ticking in architects’ minds.  Some of the competing firms may come from outside of Vancouver, so there should be some interesting out of the box thoughts that wouldn’t arise in a Vancouver architects mind.

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