Ramp metering & Port Mann bridge? « Stephen Rees’s blog

Why no ramp metering before the Port Mann bridge?

So why is there no ramp metering?  I think Stephen Rees makes a great concise argument as to why ramp metering and bus queuing could work for the Port Mann bridge.  I think his reasoning that development may be part of the reason Kevin Falcon prefers a 10-lane bridge is spot on.

I guess my question is why do we do things so backwards in Canada?  People say we should do studies and go from the evidence provided.  But what happens when studies are rigged or skewed?  Why don’t we pay attention to international research regarding these topics?  Is the research so flawed that we have to have a “Made in BC” solution or do we have our heads stuck in the sand?

I had trouble swallowing the idea of the twinned Port Mann, but the 10-lane bridge may be overkill.  Didn’t we just do some work on the old Port Mann to upgrade the structure so it could last for a few more decades?  Now it will be decommissioned in the wake of a new 10-lane span.  It sounds similar to how the Liberals spent a good amount of money on upgrading the Coquihalla Toll Booth and then tore it down.  I am not impressed.


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