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As a follow up to yesterday’s post.  This is also old news, but the map is quite an interesting tale of how the Greater Toronto Area moves around.  There is a distinct centre in Toronto’s metropolitan core.  The least motorized travel occurs in Toronto Centre and Trinity-Spadina.  The downtown area is served with not only the TTC Subway, but by also an extensive streetcar network than runs from the neighbourhoods just outside of downtown into downtown itself.  Also telling is how the subway affects travel in the GTA.  All the lighter areas represent many of the areas that are serviced by the subway.  The Willowdale section, which includes North York Centre is a lighter spot in the midst of some more blue areas.  That’s probably because of the densification of offices and apartments around North York’s three subway stations alogn the Yonge line (Yonge-Sheppard, North York Centre, and Finch).

As for Vancouver, a similar map can be found at re:place magazine.  The map is done by Erick Villagomez who has a host of interesting maps for all you cartography buffs.

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