Is Vancouver ready for pedestrian priority streets? << re:place Magazine

re:place Magazine.

Here’s a piece that you would be hard-pressed to find in a mainstream paper.  Pedestrian priority streets are not really something North Americans think much of.  Here in North America, we tend to think if we can’t drive and park as close as possible to our destination, that it’s not worth it.

Ian MacPhee takes some of his research and summarizes it in this piece for re:place Magazine.  Brighton, England and Copenhagen, Denmark are his two case studies.  He extrapolates what he finds in these two European cities and tries to apply some of the principles to Yaletown’s Hamilton and Mainland Streets.

There is definitely some potential in what a pedestrian priority street could bring to Yaletown, especially if they continue to have events like Illuminate Yaletown.  During that event, the street did actually function like one of the streets described by Ian MacPhee.  However, I’ve got to wonder if the Ferrari rolling through the crowd was revving his engine for attention or whether he was really trying to get through faster.



  1. I can’t see them catching on in the US. Coincidentally I live in Brighton, UK, and since vehicles have been removed from some streets during the daytime, we now have a much richer, ‘café’ style feel to the streets, and more open-air eating, street-theatre, there’s a really great vibe on Brighton streets these days.

    1. That’s great to hear. A richer vibe with a more cafe style feel. We can only dream about those kind of things in much of North America. Thanks for the comment.

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