Canada Line to open Labour Day


Here’s a big piece of news out of the premier’s office.  The Canada Line is expected to open almost 3 months earlier than previously scheduled.  There were rumours before that an early opening would be possible.

Hopefully, between now and then, the crews will have fully tested everything and all systems will be fine.  Also, there is always the possibility of a free ride day on the Canada Line.  The authorities have done that in the past when the SkyTrain had major openings like the Millennium Line.  But given the time of opening, it will be really busy around that time of year.  We’ll have to see what happens.  Perhaps the weekend before Labour Day, there will be free rides.  Who knows?

I’m happy to see the project almost reach completion.  However, we have paid a huge financial cost for this particular project.  We can only hope that we don’t have any public-private partnership implosions that happened with other projects in the region.

One thought on “Canada Line to open Labour Day

  1. I think making metro Vancouver waite 30 years for the Canada line is discusting it should have been out there for expo 86 as well, now with the mulenium line being expanded to ubc not to mention the evergreen line I think making the Fraser Valley waite until 2030 for the Expo Line to be expanded is just one excuse after a nother. From the premier,as long as the BC tax payer pays for it .

    Corey Hill


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