W Broadway & Vine – Connaught Apartments

Photo: Jennelle Schneider, Vancouver Sun

Photo: Jennelle Schneider, Vancouver Sun

A Kitsilano cowboy with a heritage touch << Vancouver Sun

It’s nice to come across this little piece in the Sun the other day.  It’s about an apartment that I have had the joy of walking past and actually being in, as well.  Unfortunately, I was only in the coffee shop on the corner and not the rest of the building.  The rest of the building according to this article just seems stunning.  Plus, it’s going to be on the upcoming heritage tour.  I’m not sure I will have a chance to join that tour, but this particular building will definitely be a highlight on that tour.

I didn’t realize that the apartments were that well taken care of on the inside.  The building looks quite unassuming on the outside, but still well renovated and in great condition.  The owner has definitely put a lot of TLC into this building.  There’s definitely more development going on around this building.  Across Vine Street on the same side of Broadway is a newly finished condo project complete with an IGA Marketplace and a London Drugs.  The new building is an example of the current model of mixed use residential and the Connaught Apartments are an example of some of the original mixed use development that happened almost 100 years ago in this city.

If you get a chance, swing by the building, take a look and grab a coffee in the coffee shop.

Also check out the other two pieces from the Sun on this building:


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  1. I wouldn’t rent from John Michas again… He’s by far the most frustrating landlord I’ve encountered in 15 years.

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