What Seattle should learn from Toronto

What Seattle should learn from Toronto.

An interesting comparison of Seattle to Toronto is given by native Seattlelite, Mr. Robinson.  He describes the urban neighbourhoods of Toronto pretty well.  After a year in Toronto myself, I would say that Toronto has a lot of things going for it.

On a recent trip to Toronto, I also spent a great Friday evening with a friend just walking around the neighbourhoods just west of the downtown core.  There was no plan except to just walk and explore.

Mr. Robinson is also spot on about the trash.  It doesn’t help that Toronto collects their garbage straight off the sidewalk because of the lack of lanes.  It’s quite a putrid smell in the middle of a typical humid Toronto summer.

There are lots of outside places to eat, drink, and sit. Generally people in Toronto seemed happier to relax and enjoy the conversation and views — a little more of a European feel. Or maybe they don’t drink as much coffee as we do and aren’t so jumpy?

People in Toronto seemed happier to relax and enjoy??  I would have thought that Seattle would be similarly laid-back like Vancouver, but perhaps I’m wrong.  I’ve run into more unhappy store clerks in Toronto than anywhere else in Canada, if that’s any indicator of happiness.  A lot of Toronto cashiers just seem to be going through the motions.

People smoke more in Toronto. Maybe it’s the European thing or Asian culture. Whatever, walking on the street is walking in someone’s fumes.

His observation on smoking is incorrect in my opinion.  He attributes the higher incidence of smoking in Toronto to European or Asian culture.  Although those two may be a factor, I think the bigger factor is that the further east you go in North America, the higher the rate of smoking.  He should have gone to Quebec and Halifax.  I was really running into smoke everywhere I walked there.  We are really blessed on the West Coast to have such low smoking rates.

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