Tyee Series on Rail in the Lower Mainland

Bombardier Acela
Bombardier Acela

Part One: The Myth of High Speed Rail

Part Two: Obama’s Billions bypass BC

Part Three: Ottawa Halts Vancouver Train

Part Four:  Rail Fix: Two Tracks to Langley

Monte Paulsen over at The Tyee recently completed a four-part series about rail in the Lower Mainland.  More specifically, he was reporting on the the optimistic media reports on Obama’s millions for high-speed rail reaching our corner of the world.  He talks about the excitement about high speed rail in Cascadia as a myth.  He cites lack of cooperation from the BC and Canadian government as a major obstacle to establishing even regular-speed rail service in our area.  Then, in part four, there’s an interesting solution on how future rail infrastructure could serve a dual purpose for providing a new intracity rail service and a suburban light rail service to the Fraser Valley.  It’s all an interesting read if you’re interested in all things rail or want a better understanding of why we don’t have a second Amtrak train running between Vancouver and Seattle.

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