My suggestions to TransLink on raising funds

TransLink has a site up to give them some feedback on how to direct the growth of the regional transportation system.  You can participate at  Here’s what I wrote in my comment area of the survey.  You can tell that I take a lot of my cues with my experience in Hong Kong.  Thus far in my transit experience, Hong Kong has the best multimodal transit system.  So here’s my two-cents and more to the folks at TransLink.

TransLink can form partnerships with corporations where frequent use of the future SmartCard come with rewards.  The reward could be a small gift from a corporation or a small discount from a retailer.

Hong Kong’s MTR has promotions similar to McDonald’s Happy Meal gifts.  It rewards those who are frequent travellers.  For example, if someone takes 10 rides in a set one week period, then they will qualify for a reward.  This commercial promotion will hopefully bring in some more revenue to TransLink.

Also, many tourist transit passes come with tourist coupons.  The same could be promoted within TransLink and help encourage tourists to take transit to major destinations.

Another possible revenue source is selling the SkyTrain and Coast Mountain Bus image to major model companies like Corgi.  The sales of these models would see a portion of the profit come back to TransLink.  This is a creative way to brand and market TransLinks many transit services.

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