Why I don’t like suburban business parks and their environs

I was originally call this “Why I don’t like Mississauga.”  Sorry to those who live in Mississauga.  This is not a judgement of Mississauga as a whole.  It’s simply a judgement upon one part of Mississauga.  However, the pattern of what I found in one area of Mississauga seems to repeat itself around the city and in other similar cities across North America.  I’m just picking on Mississauga as my case study.

The parts of Mississauga that I often find myself in are the industrial/business park areas.  For work, I may be put up in a hotel close to the company office in Mississauga.  It’s easy for us to head over the office then.  However, I hate being at these “middle-of-nowhere” hotels with very little in terms of anything interesting in the neighbourhood.

My most recent trip to Mississauga saw myself and a coworker set up in a hotel just off the freeway.  We had dinner in the hotel because there was no other choice.  It was the only restaurant in walking distance.  We were not about to take a taxi or rent a car just to go get dinner.  Since there was no nearby competition for the restaurant, the prices were higher than expected.

After dinner, we decided to go for a walk around the hotel to see if there was anything nearby.  We walked out to the road and could only see a few buildings behind the black asphalt of road and parking lots and amongst green grass lawns.  There were some office towers nearby of some major banks surrounded by large parking lots.  We didn’t go very far, just across the street.

When we’re in a downtown area, at least we get to walk around after meals and explore the city.  There’s nothing to explore in these suburban business park areas.  Unless you have a car, you are not exploring anything.

Thankfully, the next night, the company took us downtown for dinner and just walking the few blocks from our drop off point to the restaurant was exciting on its own.  It helped that there was a road bike race in the St. Lawrence Market area.  That was absolutely fun to see for a short while, even though we had to run across the race track to get to our restaurant.

Suburban business parks – thumbs down.

2 thoughts on “Why I don’t like suburban business parks and their environs

  1. Welcome to the USA. Most of America is industrial parks (offices, hotels) connected by freeways. Good luck trying to walk anywhere – if you can find a sidewalk.

    1. I’ve grown up in North America all my life. I’m well aware of all the freeways. Cities like NYC and San Fran are so much more interesting than say Anaheim or other similar suburban cities. I didn’t realize how lucky we are in Vancouver to not have a major freeway cutting through our city until I visited other places.

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