Miss 604 gets Canada Line preview

Canada Line Tour » Vancouver Blog Miss 604 by Rebecca Bollwitt.

The “Queen” of Vancouver blogging got a special last Friday and got to ride the Canada Line from end to end.  She has some great photos on her page and her Flickr.

Also, the nicest part is the video.  Great quality as you watch the train roll into the station and watch the train as it exits the tunnel near Marine Drive and cross the new North Arm Bridge.  If you look to the right of the track, you will see one of the best features of the new bridge, a bike and pedestrian onramp for the bridge.

I look forward to riding the train and riding my bike across the north arm of the Fraser River.  Looks promising already.

Current rumours are that the line will open before Labour Day, but no official announcement yet.  I guess InTransit BC is eager to make their money back.  TransLink is also eager for the Canada Line to make back its money; otherwise, they will have to pay the private partner for any shortfall in revenues.

More Canada Line preview stuff at The Buzzer Blog and Bob K’s post on the  Vancouver is Awesome site.

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