SkyTrain Delays and No Announcements

I must say I am a little disappointed with SkyTrain’s handling of a delay during today’s afternoon rush hour.  I arrived at Broadway Station around 5:45pm and discovered that the trains were extremely delayed.

One westbound train had just arrived when I got on the platform and one eastbound train was full of people waiting.  The platform was also quite full.  I patiently waited for about 5-10 minutes.  What really disappointed me was that SkyTrain control made no announcement in the station.  There might have been an announcement on the trains that I couldn’t hear, but there was nothing in the station. Very poor customer service by SkyTrain today.

I would think that SkyTrain control should be updating passengers every couple of minutes.  Poor SkyTrain attendant was fielding questions on how to get somewhere by bus.  Total thumbs down for today’s delay.

After almost 10 minutes with no news on what was happening, I decided to bus it home from Broadway.  I was a half hour later than usual.  I wish that I had stayed on my bus beforehand if I had known about the delay.  I would have gotten home faster.  Aren’t bus drivers informed of these delays?  Couldn’t they relay the news to passengers so they can make alternate plans for travel?

When I got home, I quickly loaded up the TransLink Current Conditions page.  Apparently there was a police incident at Metrotown that shut down the whole system.  The message said trains were running between Waterfront and Joyce, but that certainly was not the case when I was at Broadway Station.


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