Fraser River bridge for cyclists and pedestrians opens Friday

Fraser River bridge for cyclists and pedestrians opens Friday >> Vancouver Sun.

Cyclists and pedestrians will get an early shot at the Canada Line, although not the trains.  The new North Arm Bridge with it’s attached new pedestrian/cyclist portion is set to open Friday, August 14, 2009.  I wish this bridge was open back in May when I was in Richmond.  Taking the Knight St. Bridge was not a fun experience.  Then the Oak St and Arthur Laing Bridges are apparently no better.  So it will be nice to have this bridge in place.  From just a cursory glance through comments scattered throughout the web about Richmond cyclists, there seem to be quite a few.  So this will likely promote some intercity cycling between Richmond and Vancouver.  We’ll have to see.  I wonder if TransLink or municipalities will do any sort of counts to see how much the bridge is used.

On the CBC site, they also have a small article on the new bridge.  Some of the comments attached to the article there are filled with a lot of animosity towards cyclists.  There’s even one comment that goes so far as calling cyclists “foolish, contrived and addled by too much marijuana.”  I don’t know about you, but I certainly do not do pot.

I’m not sure where are all these commenters come from, but some comments are just plain nasty and many opinions are based on assumptions instead of the facts.  No wonder I’ve stopped reading comments on sites like YouTube.  It’s like you’re listening to two men verbally abuse themselves in front of a bar late at night.

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