Robo-style ‘puzzle parking’ in Portland

Portland’s new commuting toy: Robo-style ‘puzzle parking’ – Hard Drive.

Cool new parking garage in a new condo complex in southeast Portland.  Automated garages have been around for a while.  I think Japan must have a lot, but I’d have to look up some examples.

Parking spots are expensive things for developers.  Developers are constantly trying to reduce parking, especially in downtown condo developments.  In Vancouver, the new Capitol Residences on Seymour St. near Robson has reduced their parking spots by introducing Co-op Car spots for some of the units that do not come with a parking spot.

This particular ‘puzzle parking’ can fit 29 cars in the space that would normally be set aside for 10 cars.  That’s almost 3x more cars parked in the same space.  I wonder if the cost of installing this robo-parking would be that much cheaper than excavating and building 30 regular parking spots.  It must have made financial sense in this Portland condo’s case.

The original Oregonian article also has a video of the puzzle parking in action.

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