‘Brain drain’ and Kindergarten

The brain drain on the economy may be child’s play – Vancouver Sun, Sept 16, 2009. For those who work with preschool children or those who have studied early childhood development, this article is not totally surprising.  The first 5 years of life are a huge factor in the development of a person’s behaviour and abilities. According to the HELP study, which tracked 140,000 students … Continue reading ‘Brain drain’ and Kindergarten

New multi-use development for Fantasy Gardens

Fantasy Garden World to be reborn as multi-use residential development. Woah…blast from the past.  Fantasy Gardens to get a whole new look.  I do remember walking through the Gardens during it’s hey day back in the late 80s. The area has changed significantly.  The first signs of development in this southeast corner of Richmond was the Riverport development.  The Silver City theatre, the ice rink, … Continue reading New multi-use development for Fantasy Gardens

The Buzzer blog » How big is TransLink’s service area?

The Buzzer blog » How big is TransLink’s service area?. I’ve always been interested to know how Toronto stacks up geographically to Vancouver.  Now I have the answer. Thanks Jhenifer. No wonder I barely ever travel to the North Shore, the Northeast, or South of the Fraser.  That’s a huge area of land to cover. It looks like from the eastern edge of Etobicoke to … Continue reading The Buzzer blog » How big is TransLink’s service area?

The Buzzer blog » A SkyTrain cake!

The Buzzer blog » A SkyTrain cake!. The Buzzer Blog recently posted about a SkyTrain cake.  The kid in the story is a big SkyTrain fan and has used up his fair share of cardboard SkyTrain toys.  He even has homemade wooden SkyTrain toys (Now that’s impressive). I always look at Hong Kong’s transit marketing to see what direction TransLink’s marketing could go. A die … Continue reading The Buzzer blog » A SkyTrain cake!

Portland’s MAX Green Line opens

Riders pack MAX Green Line on first day of service – OregonLive.com. Here’s some exciting transit news out of Portland.  The new MAX Green Line is now open for service between Portland State University at the southern edge of downtown Portland all the way to Clackamas Town Centre to the east and south of Portland.  That brings Portland’s light rail MAX system to a total … Continue reading Portland’s MAX Green Line opens

Sound and Silence – lecture on how we hear

Here’s a notice about a lecture that I thought would be interesting to attend.  It’s a lecture held at the Chan Centre at UBC.  It’s on how we hear and what happens when we don’t hear properly.  I think hearing loss is one of the most common disabilities and yet it is also misunderstood.  Any information to shed more light on hearing and hearing loss … Continue reading Sound and Silence – lecture on how we hear

New take on the public washroom

CTV British Columbia- Vancouver architect proud of his public pissoir – CTV News, Shows and Sports — Canadian Television. Here’s an interesting new piece of public infrastructure – a public outdoor pissoir.  Definitely a bold new step for any city.  Perhaps our Downtown Eastside could use one of these.  However, you’re likely to get somebody shooting up in one of these just as likely as … Continue reading New take on the public washroom

Much ado about “Sharrows”

Sharrows are a sham solution for bike lanes — Crosscut (Seattle) The word “sharrow” is derived from the words “share” and “arrow.”  It’s task is to remind drivers that cyclists may share the road with automobiles. Vancouver has a few examples of sharrows, as well.  Main Street is full of them.  I saw a lot on some of my photo walks along Main. and so … Continue reading Much ado about “Sharrows”

Plugging in for Vancouver?

Plugged in – The Globe and Mail. Earlier this year, the City of Vancouver city council had already decided to get plugs into 20% of all parking stalls in new condo developments for the express purpose of accommodating new electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. … Vancouver city council this summer to approve unanimously new regulations for electric vehicle charging stations. The idea here is to … Continue reading Plugging in for Vancouver?