New take on the public washroom

CTV British Columbia- Vancouver architect proud of his public pissoir – CTV News, Shows and Sports — Canadian Television.

Here’s an interesting new piece of public infrastructure – a public outdoor pissoir.  Definitely a bold new step for any city.  Perhaps our Downtown Eastside could use one of these.  However, you’re likely to get somebody shooting up in one of these just as likely as you would find somebody relieving themselves.

The urinal is surrounded by about 150 vertical steel green pipes that have been welded together in a curvy design that is meant to evoke the arches in Victoria’s historic buildings, Soules said.

The pipes are spaced apart just enough to let an outsider know if the urinal is being used but still maintain privacy for the user.

Soules said the city sought a urinal over a toilet to target all the men who crawled out of nearby bars and urinated on sidewalks and alleyways.

However, the urinal does come equipped with handlebars if women want to use it, too.

The urinal also features low-flow technology and low voltage interior LED lighting for use at night.

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