Portland’s MAX Green Line opens

Riders pack MAX Green Line on first day of service – OregonLive.com.

Here’s some exciting transit news out of Portland.  The new MAX Green Line is now open for service between Portland State University at the southern edge of downtown Portland all the way to Clackamas Town Centre to the east and south of Portland.  That brings Portland’s light rail MAX system to a total of 4 lines – the Blue Line from Beaverton to Gresham, the Red Line from Beaverton to the airport, the Yellow Line from downtown to the Expo Center, and now the Green Line.

2009 has been the year of the transit project in the Pacific Northwest.  Earlier this year, Seattle opened their first light rail transit line, The Link, from downtown to almost Sea-Tac.  Vancouver, BC opened up the Canada Line from downtown to Richmond and the airport in August.  Now, the Green Line has added more rail transit options to the Pacific Northwest.  In addition to these completed transit projects, Amtrak was finally able to start a second Cascades train run from Vancouver, BC to Eugene, OR.

Technically now, if you wanted to go all train from Vancouver to Portland, you can.  And you don’t even need to rent a car when you arrive 🙂

Below is an official video from Portland’s TriMet site posted on YouTube.

You can also read more about the Green Line at TriMet’s own Green Line page.


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