The Buzzer blog » A SkyTrain cake!

The Buzzer blog » A SkyTrain cake!.

The Buzzer Blog recently posted about a SkyTrain cake.  The kid in the story is a big SkyTrain fan and has used up his fair share of cardboard SkyTrain toys.  He even has homemade wooden SkyTrain toys (Now that’s impressive).

I always look at Hong Kong’s transit marketing to see what direction TransLink’s marketing could go. A die cast model of every train, bus, minibus, and taxi can be purchased in Hong Kong.  You can even pick the exact route bus that you would like to purchase.  I personally bought a Kowloon Motor Bus model for a route that I often take when in Hong Kong.  I also have my favourite die-cast train model of the Kowloon-Canton Rail (KCR) East Rail train.

In Japan, I have miniature toy models of different trains including Tokyo’s JR Yamanote Line train.

These train and bus models bring back memories of great travels and experiences.  I’m sure tourists would love this kind of stuff.

I don’t think we should have a transit merchandise store necessarily.  We could always sell them in regular souvenir shops or specialty model collector shops.

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