Nuit Blanche TTC Pass

scotiabank nuit blanche – October 3, 2009

For all you lucky Torontonians, Nuit Blanche is coming up on October 3, 2009.  It’s a “free all night contemporary art thing.”  Last fall, I lucked out being in Halifax for their all night art thing called Nocturne.

Toronto seems to have a lot more of these neat public art events.  Illuminato was a big event back in the spring and now Nuit Blanche.  Vancouver is severely lacking in the realm of public art events.

TTC and Nuit Blanche
TTC and Nuit Blanche

The TTC is also an active participant in Nuit Blanche and offering a Nuit Blanche TTC pass just for the event.  Sounds like a transit collector’s item.  Buses and the trains sound like they will be busy all night.  I better ask my friends if they are going and if I can have their pass 🙂

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