Preschool in Hong Kong

After reading about brain drain and kindergarten in Canada, it got me thinking about preschool in Hong Kong.  It’s a very different experience than preschool here in Canada.

I grew up in Canada, so I don’t have any first-hand experience with preschool in Hong Kong.  However, I have heard stories from others about the experience and I base this post on what they’ve told me.

In Hong Kong, parents are very competitive and want to give their child(ren) an edge right from the start.  Preschool is where some of this competition starts.  To even get into preschool, a 2-3 year old child must have an entrance interview.  In Hong Kong, schools are quite stratified.  There are top-ranked preschools, mid-level preschools, and so-so preschools.  So everyone wants their kid in the top-ranked preschools.

If a kid gets into a top-ranked preschool, then they can get into a top-ranked primary school, and a top-ranked middle school.  At least that’s the hope.

There’s also the issue of money.  A preschool with a better reputation will obviously be able to charge a lot more.  So that would shut out children from lower-income families.

So is Asia investing more into preschools than North America?  What are some people’s impressions?  Are Canadian children way behind their counterparts from around the world?


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