Green Waste Collection

S.F. composting, recycling becomes law Wednesday

The article above is from San Francisco, but I’m not really going to talk about San Francisco in particular.   The new law in San Fran gives us food for thought for us in the Lower Mainland, though.  For one, I have never have thought much about green waste collection or composting.  I’ve tried my hand at composting before, but it was a lot of work and hard to keep on top of it.  I think you have to be either a serious greenie or a serious gardener to really be into composting.

In terms of green waste collection, we don’t have any here in the City of Vancouver.  However, there are two examples of organic garbage collecting in the Lower Mainland.

Port Coquitlam is expanding their green waste program this November:

Starting November 2, 2009, Port Coquitlam residents who receive waste collection services from the City can put all leftover food scraps and food-soiled papers into their green waste carts. That means residents will be able to put meats, dairy, bones, soiled pizza boxes and other items into their green waste carts, in addition to yard waste and vegetable and fruit scraps.

Port Coquitlam Green Waste Collection
Port Coquitlam Green Waste Collection

That seems impressive to me because there are not many such collection programs around.  If Gregor Robertson is serious about Vancouver being a green city, he should follow PoCo’s lead in instituting a green waste program.

One other example of a green waste collection program is UBC.  I have a friend who moved into some of the new residences on the Endowment Lands and he’s been dumping all sorts of kitchen scraps into UBC’s collection program. I’ve seen him toss bones, meat, and even clam shells into his bin.  After trying composting at home, I know I couldn’t dump any dairy or meat products into the composter, but my friend just tosses all sorts of things in.

Keeps me wondering why the rest of Metro Vancouver hasn’t followed suit yet.  Organic waste is probably huge in our city, but only 2 jurisdictions seem to be ahead of the curve and taking all sorts of table scraps.  I hate dumping food, but it happens more often than I’d like.  If I could throw my scraps into a ‘green bin’ instead of the regular garbage, I’d be happier.

2 thoughts on “Green Waste Collection

    1. Thanks for the additional info. Good to know that more than just PoCo has a system running for organics collection. I hope to see more.

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