Sekai Camera iPhone application

sekai camera header – Sekai Camera post

Here’s a really neat iPhone application.  It’s called Sekai Camera.  I think you definitely need an iPhone 3GS to use this application.  A GPS seems to be required in order to use the application.

The idea is that you take your iPhone around and turn on the Sekai Camera application.  You point your iPhone camera at a location and then you can read “air tags” that have been left by other Sekai Camera app users.  You can even create your own air tags to leave for others to see.

Why I like this application is that the potential uses could be quite exciting.  People could tag facts about the places you are looking at.  This would be great for tourists or for those interested in knowing more about where they live.  It could be aself-guided tour complete with “air tags” with detailed descriptions about public art or a heritage building.

Obviously, I think most of the uses of the Sekai Camera will probably be of the more frivolous kind with kids air tagging silliness across the virtual Sekai Camera world.  There could even be virtual grafitti with unsavoury messages or solicitations.  I have no idea how the developer will handle these issues.

Danny Choo of fame has a neat use for this app in Tokyo.  He’s going to set up a sort of virtual “tag” game where Hunters have to find Runners in a part of Akihabara in Tokyo.  More details on his Sekai Camera post.

Here’s also a YouTube video showing the number of tags in different spots around Akihabara in Tokyo.


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