Outta town…to Kansai

Kansai?  Some of you might be asking where is that.  It’s in Japan.  The region around Tokyo is sometimes called the Kanto region; whereas, the region consisting of Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe are often referred to as Kansai.  Some of you may know of the Kansai International Airport (KIX), an airport which is sinking under it’s own weight partially because it is built atop a man-made island.

So October was a pretty big write-off in terms of blogging.  Work was very busy with a lot of out-of-office stuff to attend to.  There was Thanksgiving.  Then I was also sick for quite a few days.

Now in November, I’ll be out of country for over a week or so.  Blogging will again be sparse because I don’t have a laptop to cart around.  However, I hope to have stories, thoughts, and photos to share after I return.

Here’s some of the official tourist sites of some of the towns I will be in:




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