The New T

More T signage is now up in downtown Vancouver >> Buzzer Blog

A new look is coming to many of TransLink’s transit facilities.  It’s The New T.  I think TransLink has finally listened to many of its loyal riders and transit enthusiasts.  The authority went out and hired a company to help brand our transit services.  Many of you who have travelled overseas are familiar with some famous transit brands.  There’s the London Underground, the Tokyo Metro, and Hong Kong’s MTR to name a few.

New T sign at Waterfront Station (from The Buzzer Blog)

A clear, simple, yet distinct symbol of one’s transit system helps to guide transit riders, especially visiting transit riders, to the proper facilities.  The New T looks like a promising new start and just in time for rush of visitors for the Winter Olympics.  Let’s hope TransLink keeps moving in the right direction on this front.


One comment

  1. I also noticed that some of the gen 2 trains were painted in the grey-blue-black of the Canada Line trains. Amazing how a new layer of paint could refresh the look of the fleet

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