Demo Streetcar to run Jan 21st, 2010

I’m really starting to chomp at the bit to ride the demonstration streetcar, aka the Olympic Line, between Olympic Village station on the Canada Line and Granville Island.

The Buzzer Blog has a post on the event and there are quite a few videos online for some lucky few who got to ride the rails early.  Stephen Rees and the Transit Fan from re:place magazine seem to be two of the lucky online writers who got a sneak peek.  Rebecca Bollwit of Miss 604 fame was also on hand for the preview.  It looks like she has really nice photos of the streetcar.

Already, enough drooling here.  Unfortunately, I have to wait until Friday.  I couldn’t get time off on Thursday to go.  And I’m no where close on the cyberspace celebrity scale like the great bloggers above.

Here’s a couple of videos to whet your appetite.  First one is from City Caucus and the second from re:place magazine’s Transit Fan.


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