China’s Wuhan-Guangzhou High Speed Rail

I didn’t really get a chance to look at pictures and videos of China’s newest high speed rail line.  The Wuhan-Guangzhou High Speed Rail opened on Dec 26, 2009.  This is one impressive line.  Just consider the geography first.  Wuhan is situated inland along the mighty Yangtze River (known as Chang Jiang, or “Long River” in Chinese).  Guangzhou is in the south and short hop from coastal Hong Kong.  This train line literally traverses half of China in 3 hours.  The distance is roughly 1 000 km from Wuhan to Guangzhou.  The previous train trip would have taken 10 hours.  That’s like us going from Vancouver, BC to the Oregon-California border.

I guess you could have breakfast in Wuhan, grab the train, arrive in Guangzhou in time for some lunch time dim sum, then hop back on and have dinner back in Wuhan.  Kudos to China.  Obviously, building something like this in China is lot easier to do than here in North America.  Political will and the finances are totally different on this side of the Pacific.

For now, just watch and enjoy the following videos about the new rail line.  This first one is a slideshow of photos from the press.

This second video is from CCTV 9, China’s foreign languages channel.

And if you understand Chinese, the following video is from China’s CCTV 1 and Hong Kong’s TVB.


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