Incinerator debate in Ontario

Toronto Star >> Incineration – a recycling killer?

Here’s a quick look at the question of incinerators, or waste-to-energy facilities, in Ontario.  There has been some talk about setting up more incinerators in the Lower Mainland.  We already have one in Burnaby. 

The article has an interesting look at Detroit’s example of how Detroit has a lack of recycling because of the 20 year old incinerator.  However, Detroit is only one example.  There are many communities that have incinerators that can also recycle.  At the same time, an incinerator is a economic venture for municipalities.

“You need to feed the machine,” explains Brad Van Guilder, an environmental activist with the Ecology Center who has led an eight-year campaign to shut down the incinerator. “You need to feed things into the boiler that burn well — paper, plastic, wood. Those are all materials that are highly recyclable.”

It may not be too far in the future when the Lower Mainland will have to have the same debate about incinerators.

One thought on “Incinerator debate in Ontario

  1. Yes, and if you don’t burn that paper and recycle it instead, guess what energy source will be used to do the recycling: non-renewable fossil fuels!

    Until we have converted to 100% renewable energy and as long as trash is being landfilled, there is ALWAYS more to be burned! The only reason to oppose incinerators is very simple: energy illiteracy.

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