Been away for a while

If you’ve been checking in from time to time, I apologize for not putting up the “away” sign.  I was out of town for over a week down in Southern California.

One thing that always strikes me when I’m in most of the USA is how bad the transit can be compared to here in Vancouver.  I was at Disneyland for a few days and taking transit there was painful at times.  Especially their Anaheim Resort Transit.  Routes are somewhat circuitous and not very frequent on some routes.

Also, I found that although there’s a lot of talk of transportation future in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, it’s definitely behind the times.  The monorail acts more like a fun ride than a serious transport option.  The Autopia is meant to fuel a love for the car.  I was surprised that the ride used really stinky lawnmower engines instead of electric engines.  (The ride is sponsored by Chevron, so it makes sense that they use gas).

That’s just a few things I took away from my trip.  I’ll likely post more once I sift through all my photos.


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