Terminal City at the end of the world

We had a friend and her husband over the other day.  We got to talking about our travels and how interesting our trip to Japan was.  I mentioned that 30 minutes from Osaka, you could go to the ancient cities of Nara and Kyoto or to the modern seaside port city of Kobe.  In an hour you could go to the onsen areas of Arima and Wakayama.  Further afield, you could go to Himeji to see Japan’s most beautiful and best preserved castle or visit another city altogether in Nagoya.  In the span of a couple of hours, you could be in the cradle of an ancient civilization and then in the hot spot of a bustling urban centre.

My friend’s husband mentioned a similar experience he had in Europe.  Thirty minutes in Europe could get you into a different country altogether.  You fit a few European countries in just BC alone.  Plus, there in Europe, you can hop on a train or drive in one direction for an hour or so and end up in a totally different country.

Then he mentioned something about Vancouver that I’ve heard a lot over time.  There is no where else to go from here.  The only country next to us is the USA.  You go south only to see more of what we have.  We’re too similar to the States.  He said in a few words: It’s boring here.  We are literally at the end of the world.

Even Asians who visit here for the first time say how pastoral Vancouver is.  Well, somebody from Toronto might even say the same thing of Vancouver.  On the other hand, those who come from the Canadian countryside would say that it’s a big city.  It all depends where you come from.

Hmm…end of the world.  I thought that was an odd yet appropriate assessment of Vancouver.  So Vancouver truly is the Terminal City after all.  Whether that’s bad thing or not is up to you to decide.


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