Friday Foto Feature (2010.09.10)

To ease up on the time it takes me to blog and to force me to work with my photos more, I am starting a weekly Friday Foto Feature.  I take a lot of photos during the year, but I am one big lazy arse when it comes to processing my photos.  For a while the last photos I had worked on were from the Paralympics back in March.  Aigoo.

My photos still aren’t all that up to date, but I’ll just throw up a Foto or two every Friday from now on.  Let’s see how motivated I end up being.  The only other obstacle is that I had to reinstall everything on my computer and haven’t got my photo processing software up and running yet.  Grr.  So I’m gonna use some older photos.

There’s been some talk about the Olympic Village of late, so I’ll use one of my old photos from the trusty Canon point-and-shoot camera.

olympic village.seawall lounge

olympic village.seawall lounge

It’s hard to believe that I took this picture in May 2008.  These creekside chaises have been around for over 2 years now.  Well, the Olympic Village is only 40% sold according to some reports and even some of the major retailers are delaying their openings until later next year.  I was there recently on a Sunday afternoon and it was definitely very quiet, but also very nice to walk through.  It’s on my list to go back and take some photos.  The old photo will have to do for now, though.


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