Monday Readings

Which Way, SkyTrain? - map by Yonah Freemark

I’m stealing an idea from Jarrett Walker (Human Transit) and Yonah Freemark (The Transport Politic).  I’m introducing Monday readings for things that caught my eye or my attention ever so briefly, but I didn’t have time/energy/enough interest to make it a full post.  Alas, I am but a lowly part-time blogger with no professional creds.  Jarrett and Yonah are transport gods.

Last week’s posts:



  • Price Tags delves into the bikes and business issue surrounding the Hornby Street separated bike lane.


  • Danny Choo in Japan has been lucky to attend a few festivals in Tokyo.  One is the Meguro Sanma Festival and the other is a local Matsuri (or festival) complete with Omikoshi.

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