TransLink considers aerial gondola to SFU

Portland Gondola

TransLink considers aerial gondola to SFU – Vancouver Sun.

Wow.  Busy news day on Wednesday.  TransLink is going to seriously consider a gondola/tram from Production Way Station to SFU.  It’s not the first mention of this potential project, but it is the first sign of serious consideration of the project.  It looks like TransLink is asking for proposals to be submitted for further review.

If this project really saves money in the long run, then TransLink will likely make a way to find money.  I think TransLink could save a lot in wages alone.  SkyTrain’s main advantage is the frequency of the trains at any time of the day.  That would also be an advantage of this gondola.  You don’t need to have a driver per car.  Just enough people to ensure the safe operation of the system.  And you could run the gondola more frequently for any major events that might be happening up on Burnaby Mountain regardless of the time of day.

A similar kind of gondola/tramway system exists in Portland. Unfortunately, I never got to ride the gondola there last year because I arrived there on a Sunday.  The gondola is closed on Sundays.  Totally bummed, but at least I got a photo of it.  I need to go there on a weekday the next time I’m down in Portland

I like the idea, but let’s see what the numbers say before jumping in feet first.

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