Karaoke and Restaurants

Can we ban karaoke in restaurants? I just returned from an aural assault on my Chinese dinner. I shouldn’t be all that surprised, though. There was a large party of like 18 tables at this Chinese restaurant. They were celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival (which was this past Wednesday). They were from a Village Society of some sort. I’m not sure what they’re official English name is, but I’ll just call them the Village Society for now.

Anyway, they had constant karaoke in the background. Many of them were old popular Cantonese songs. It’s not so bad to hear it if the singers are good. A couple of them were, but the occasional not so good one would step up to the microphone. I definitely had that muted hearing feeling known as temporary threshold shift after leaving the restaurant.

I am one for keeping karaoke in private rooms instead of in entire restaurants.


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