Monday Links – density, high speed rail, streetcars

from Amtrak

Reading has been few and far between again thanks to work and falling ill over the weekend.  But here’s what I got out of this week.

Human Transit talks density and numbers that could deceive.

Transport Politic has a couple of posts on the future of high speed rail in America.  A Republican congress is likely bad news for funding of such projects.

Meanwhile, Stephen Rees was recently at a talk on Streetcars: The Missing Link? I haven’t had time to read through this detailed review of the conference, but it looks worth going through if you are interested in streetcars in general and/or in streetcars coming to Vancouver.

Not bad for a lean reading week.  I find that my digital world has become much too busy.  So I only ever get around to these few blogs.  I tried to read CityCaucus for a while, but they turned out to be way too negative for me, even though there is “some” merit to the criticism, it’s starting to feel more like personal attacks after a while.  I wish they had more city event stuff like during the Olympics.  Anyway, that’s it.  Time for some more meds and hitting the sack.


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