Hornby Bike Lane article in Van Sun

A nap of the City of Vancouver's proposed dedicated bike lane route on Hornby Street in downtown Vancouver.
Map, City of Vancouver

Vancouver city council approves controversial Hornby bike lane.

Is it just me or are there is one glaring misrepresentation in this article from the Vancouver Sun.  Mind you, by the time you get to this article, they may have updated it for the print version for tomorrow.

Vancouver’s pro-bike city council unanimously approved the controversial Hornby separated bike lane late Tuesday night, despite the concerns of local businesses.

That’s the good news.

Those critical of the bike lane included current Non-Partisan Association councillor Suzanne Anton, as well as former NPA councillor Gordon Price.

Price warned of traffic congestion problems and spoke out against having lanes on both sides of the one-way street.The bike-lane proposal is at the centre of a broad political dispute over the future of traffic and transportation in Vancouver and the effect it will have on businesses.The city argues that it needs to build such lanes to help encourage people to leave their cars at home.

Now anyone who reads Price Tags would be perplexed by this part of the article.  The writer almost implies that Gordon is against the bike plane.  He may have made a comment about not having lanes on both sides of the street, but I don’t see anywhere on the City of Vancouver plans that ever suggested they’d put lanes on both sides of the street.  Plus, all I’ve ever read on Price Tags is that he is in full support of the Hornby Bike Lane.

Can I ever trust what the paper says?  People in the know have to speak up.

You can read all five “bikes and business” posts from Price Tags for yourself to know how Gordon Price feels about the Hornby Street bike lane.

You can’t tell me that Gordon Price sits totally against the bike lane as the article implies.  Even Suzanne Anton can see the overall benefit to the new bike lane.  She voted for the lane too, but still she still wants to make sure businesses are not unduly affected by the lane.  And so she should.

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