Richmond on track to ban puppy sales – News1130

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Richmond on track to ban puppy sales – News1130.

This isn’t my usual kind of post, but as a dog owner, I think this is a good move.  Richmond council is making the right move by banning puppy sales in retail outlets.  There’s a store in Richmond Centre that I can think of being affected.  I think the conditions in that store was okay.

However, a similar store in Burnaby had really deplorable conditions.  The pups would just pee and poop in the cage.  The cage was lined with strips of paper. So the dog’s poop and pee would just be there for a long time until a store worker had time to clean it up.

This sort of set up is totally against what most puppy training books tell you.  The dog’s have a sense of cleanliness where they try not to deficate in their living area.  However, the set up in this particular pet store creates unhygienic conditions and teaches the pup bad bathroom habits.

So kudos to Richmond city council on this bold move.  I hope other municipalities will follow.  I believe this will help limit the purchase of pups from puppy mills.  Puppy mills are notorious for just pumping out pups with little regard for the conditions that the pups grow up in.  Best to find a registered breeder.

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One thought on “Richmond on track to ban puppy sales – News1130

  1. I, too, applaud Richmond Council for taking leadership against puppy mills and impulse purchases of puppies from pet stores. Some people buy a puppy, and are dismayed when the puppy grows into a dog that they didn’t buy. The poor animal gets passed from friend to friend or stranger until it ends up in the city shelter. No one has taken the time or trouble to train this unwanted dog before it is discarded. City Council will hear further testimony from delegations this Tues, Oct 12, 2010 at 7:00pm (provided this item gets on the agenda, which it most likely will).

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