Hiking Mount Cheam

A couple of weekends ago, I got to enjoy the great outdoors in the Lower Mainland by going on a hike at Mount Cheam in Chilliwack.  My friend was great and did all the work in renting a 4×4 for the day.  We drove out to Chilliwack and got to the service road.  That was the easy part of the drive.  Then it was a slow and bumpy one-hour ascent up the logging road to the parking lot.  From the parking lot, we could then actually start hiking.

It was a 2 hour hike up to the top.  We got up right at high noon.  What a great view it was.  The tough part was the 2 hour descent.  My knees were killing me most of the way down.  It’s worth the climb if you have access to a 4×4 to get you up to the hiking trail.  Here’s some photos.


mount cheam.the meadow before the climb
the meadow before the climb
mount cheam.spoon lake in the fall 1
spoon lake in the fall


mount cheam.getting close and looking west
getting close and looking west


mount cheam.frosted conifer 1
frosted conifer


mount cheam.looking west
looking west from the top


mount cheam.looking north
looking north from the top


mount cheam.campers, hikers, paragliders
campers, hikers, and paragliders


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