Final Four for new smart card name

I just found out the four finalists in the new smart card naming contest for TransLink’s new farecard to be available in 2013.

  • Compass Card
  • Otter Card
  • Umbrella Pass
  • George Card

I think I remember the combos of the names correctly.  I may have mixed up the card and pass portion for one of these.  I’m sorry if I did.

Out of the four finalists, I would pick the Otter Card.  It’s a fun and cute name that has a general appeal to people of all ages.  Umbrella Pass isn’t bad either.  A very apt name for a very wet city in the winter.



  1. Go Umbrella Pass! It signifies that it has a multitude of purposes that umbrella beneath it, it protects you and the value on the card, and its perfect for our rainy climate!

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