Matrix barcodes hit Vancouver streets

The matrix code has finally come full force to Canada.  What’s a matrix code (aka. QR codes)?  You may have noticed funny little square barcodes on ads, in the free papers, and in magazines.

I must always harp about how far behind Asia we are in terms of technology.  These matrix barcodes have been in common use in Japan for many, many years now.  They’ve really started to make the scene in Vancouver.

I was at the Ethical Bean Express at Granville Station getting a chai latte, when I noticed they had a new sign with this matrix barcode.  I talked to the barista there and he said that if I signed up for the service, then I could order my drink when I got on the SkyTrain 20 minutes beforehand via my smart phone.  Then when I get to Granville Station, I could just go to the Ethical Bean, show them my order on my phone and just pick up my drink.  Then my drink would be billed to be my account.  I love it when technology changes the way we do things for the better.

Also, a lot of ads and storefronts have these codes these days for you to scan.  Scan the code and you can get info on your smartphone about a sale or promotion.  I’m not so interested in this use of these codes, but it’s still a neat way to get more info to people on the go.

So if you have a smartphone (i.e. iPhone, Android phone, etc.) with a scanner app, then you can read these codes and find out what they’re all about.

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