B-Line Crush

When you ride the 99 B Line along Broadway even into the evening, you can definitely feel the crush. I think the bus is pretty much at crush capacity. From what I know the B-Lines are maxed out in terms of the number of buses they can run during rush hour. They could probably use a few more buses and increased frequency in the evenings and on weekends. Likely any increase in buses would also mean a lot more worker hours and potentially overtime.

At this point, it may become more cost effective to run a SkyTrain along Broadway. The operating costs of a West Broadway line would likely cover itself similar to what the Canada Line has accomplished. However, the capital costs and political will would be necessary to move a West Broadway line forward. Let’s get the Evergreen Line out of the way first and take it from there.

– Posted (from the 99 B-Line) using BlogPress from my iPhone

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