High-Tech Bike Storage Facility Opens in Buchanan Tower

High-Tech Bike Storage Facility Opens in Buchanan Tower.

Universities have always been places of innovation.  So it’s nice to see UBC have some brand new fangled bike racks.  Too bad UBC has always been way out of riding radius.  Even biking to work is a long stretch for me.  I’m not in the favoured 5 km radius from work.  Fun looking racks, though.  The article also says that Buchanan’s inner courtyard has been renovated and will add a little splash in the middle of Buchanan.

The two-tier racks inside can hold a total of 96 bikes. Weighted mechanisms leveraging an hydraulic spring ensure that even the slightest cyclist can slip a bike into a slot on the top level with minimal effort, literally guiding it into place with a couple of fingers.

The steel structures were made by Urban Racks, a local firm that also supplies the newly installed inverted-U bike racks for the City of Vancouver. The company has a reputation for innovative design and its racks are popular with cyclists all over North America.

Photos are copyright of Spencer Kovats.

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