Nova Buses in Vancouver

I wonder sometimes if I am the only one that doesn’t like the seating in the back of a Nova bus. The Nova bus is the one with the rounded front end and usually plies the 41 route. The seating in the back is tight. I hate sitting across from someone and knocking knees. And there’s very little room for standing.

I much prefer the seats in the back of a trolley bus where there and benches of 5 seats on each side plus another bench of 5 at the very back. I’ve heard people say they feel it’s like herding cattle and that they don’t like sitting sideways, but it’s way easier to move around in the back of a trolley.

Excuse me bow as I try to extricate myself from this #41.

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One comment

  1. My Quick calculations:
    If a bus is full, I mean full, there can be 2 more people in the space compared to the trolleys:
    Trolleys: 15 seats +4 standing= 19 people in the back
    Novas:17 seats +4 standing=21 people in the back

    And correct me if I’m wrong, as my memory may be off.

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