What makes a Canadian community great? – The Globe and Mail

What makes a Canadian community great? – The Globe and Mail.

Photo by Rafal Gerszak for The Globe and Mail

A cute little article from the Globe and Mail on what makes a Canadian community great.  I would think that the question wouldn’t be solely a Canadian question, but a very universal one at that.  However, I guess Canadians are different enough that we have our own sort of community.

I think these 3 paragraphs within the article sum up what the likely answer to the headline is.

People who brag about their neighbourhoods today talk about a place where people know one another, where they are loved. These are places, we are told, where you can walk to the bookstore and the grocery store, to your kid’s school and your own office. These are places where green space is not just found around the large “P” marking the nearest multistory parking lot, but where a connection to nature is part of the urban plan.

These places are easy to get around, but are not one size or one style. Some are urban, some are rural and some occupy the tree-lined spaces in between.

In these communities there is a mix of people of different backgrounds, different ages, different jobs, all of whom take part in the same rituals, from summer festivals to evening strolls.

I know I’ve been looking at moving to a community like that, but often these are more expensive neighbourhoods to move to.  The easy way in is to rent a place in these neighbourhoods.  The hard way would be to actually buy a place.  Pretty tough in Vancouver to buy a place in these popular communities.

A PDF version is available from 8-80 Cities website here.

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