Toronto Today

Sometimes I wonder what has happened to Toronto. How did Rob Ford get elected again? There seems to have been big backlash against David Miller and his previous tenure as mayor.

When I lived in Toronto for my one brief year (actually 11 months to be exact), I had the opportunity to actually vote for David Miller. He was definitely a progressive who promised big changes for the city. Well, from an outsider’s perspective, it seems like he succeeded. He’s created more bike lanes and had instituted fees to direct behaviour, such as the plastic bag fee. I guess he may have been too successful for some people’s liking.

The Don Cherries of Toronto spoke out last municipal election and voted in Ford et al to remove the “pinkos” from City Hall. Well, now with Ford at the helm, he’s removing bike lanes and even threatening to close libraries. He’s torpedoed the well-studied and well-consulted Transit City LRT plans for faster, but shorter and more expensive, subway plans.

It’s not surprising then that the Toronto Star, the city’s progressive media beacon, has taken full aim at Ford through blogs and articles.

I haven’t been in Hogtown for over two years now. I hope to visit in the fall (if I am lucky) and see first-hand what’s been going on in TO.

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