Census Data Mapped for Metro Vancouver

I must admit that I’m a map maniac.  Even my friends in Toronto realized after living only a few months in Toronto. Probably because they noticed that pasted laminated copies of the New York Subway system, the TTC, and TransLink on my walls.

The Vancouver Sun has been posting up a lot of map eye-candy the past few weeks.  Their Metro Vancouver Mapped series is taking data from the 2006 Census is mapping them across Metro Vancouver to reveal some interesting trends. Given my interests, I am naturally attracted to a few of these maps.

Metro Vancouver Transit Commuter Neighbourhoods

First, there’s the transit map.  It shows that 4 distinct red postal codes that contain the highest percentage of transit commuters. A Metrotown neighbourhood tops the list with 53%.  The top neighbourhood in Vancouver is one found north of Broadway between Clark and Fraser with 48%.  A downtown New Westminster neighbourhood has 47%.  The 4th and 5th top neighbourhoods both have ~44%.  One neighbourhood  surrounds the Commercial Drive Station and the other is adjacent to the Joyce-Collingwood Station.

Metro Vancouver Walk to Work Map

In terms of walking, five downtown Vancouver neighbourhoods rule the sidewalks.  Not surprising at all to find this result.  The yellow neighbourhoods reveal the convenience of living downtown.  Almost half of all West End residents walk to work.  The South Downtown yellow neighbourhood suggests to me that some of the newer condos are also helping to boost the walking numbers downtown.

Metro Vancouver Bike Commuters

The bike to work map revealed an interesting trend.  A South Cambie neighbourhood ranked highest in bike to work commuters with 12%.  Is it because South Cambie is central to and within easy cycling distance of a lot of different destinations?  From South Cambie, I would estimate it would take me 30 minutes to UBC, 15 minutes to Downtown, and five minutes to Main Street.  I think of 30 minutes as a comfortable, maximum bike commuting time (I’m far from the hardcore commuting cyclist out there.  My friend can ride from Boundary to UBC in 45 minutes!).  The numbers may change in 2011 now that the Canada Line is in operation, but I suspect those who cycle now would continue to cycle instead of taking transit.

As of August 19th, there were 25 maps available ranging from Divorce rates to number of High School dropouts.  I don’t know how long the Vancouver Sun will keep these maps available, but peruse them now while you have the chance.

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